State of the Blog: May 2020

A lot has happened since I last updated here… how are you holding up in your little bit of bubble? I’ve personally been taking everything one day at the time. Many grand plans I’ve made have ended up on the backburner, including keeping this blog up to date. (Six drafts from months ago, waiting for me to finish researching, writing and editing! :O)

While I’m no longer guaranteeing regular updates, I am going to try and focus on quality content. Still not 100% sure what “quality content” means for my little corner of the internet yet, but I’m sure I’ll feel a lot better about it all once I start writing again.


State of the Blog: March 2020

Keeping up to date with my blog posts here has been a minor ordeal to say the least. I’m sure every parent out there can relate to trying to juggle parenting with work and/or study and their hobbies. On top of that, I caught my son’s chest infection, which hasn’t been pleasant. At least I’ve been starting drafts, even if they’re taking time to finish.

A lot of what’s been taking me so long is finishing my essay on GM ceasing the Holden brand. I finally finished that today, and got it fact checked by my parents. It’s the first essay I’ve intended for wider consumption that I’ve written in a very long time. I’m quite proud of it.

With that out of the way, I can finally go back to editing my post-class blog posts and get them up (complete with backdating!). I’m also hoping I can get a couple of my tabs clear by posting links to some articles on marketing that I’ve been meaning to post.

Other plans for the blog this month include finding a WordPress theme that I like, and trying out some SEO techniques.


Back to school means a new blog

My New Year’s resolution was to make a career change. My personal life was making it a lot harder to work the last minute odd hours that comes with events, and I was starting to dread working shifts. I also wanted to go back to having events work as an incredibly weird and highly satisfying hobby, not what I do for a living.

Scrolling through my options for evening study on TAFE NSW’s website, I found myself repeatedly looking at marketing. It turns out that a lot of the job descriptions for marketing jobs on Seek have a lot of overlap with my skill sets in web design and events. And the information night that I attended sealed the deal, with an emphasis on digital, clear study progression options should I decide to go further, and flexibility to work around work.

I start my Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication tomorrow night at Ultimo. I’m excited, but very nervous – I haven’t undertaken any formal study for about five years, and my only real exposure to marketing has been through watching Gruen.

But with a very busy schedule even before study, I need a way to keep myself accountable. If I force myself to blog the reading, watching and research I should be doing to supplement my course. It also gives me a practical way to demonstrate my skills (hello, potential future employers!).

So here we are: a new blog to match my new course. I’ll be posting at least a couple of times per week to quickly jot down what I can remember very soon after class, then go back and edit to fill in gaps in my posts after I revise my notes. I’ll also be sharing resources that I find useful, as well as books, articles and videos that I take a look at while I’m studying.